Did you know that your website has about 59 seconds to make an impression on your viewers? 59 seconds is the average time that a person initially spends on a website according to studies. This means that your website has to make an impactful statement within a very short period of time.

How do you ensure that your website will be memorable to your customers and leave a last impression? It starts with your web developer but with so many different developers out there, charging a vast array of prices. This begs the question how do you know which developer to hire or can you just do it yourself? Answering these questions should help in making that decision.

1. How many websites have you built before?

Building a website may be second nature to you or this could be your first time. If you’re tech savvy and in a time crunch, hiring a developer may be worth the time savings. If you’re not tech savvy, then hiring a developer is probably a good option. Custom website design and development does take skill and experience. Hiring an experienced developer will most likely save you time and many headaches.

2. What platform will your site be built on?

There are many options for your website including Magento, Wix and Shopify. At VaroWP, we’re loyal to WordPress because of its dynamism of the platform’s functionality and usability. If you’re leaning towards one platform or another, ask us about the pros and cons of WordPress and the applicability to your website or how it compares to other platform options if you’re not sure.

3. What research has been done before starting a website design?

Less experienced web developers will immediately jump at developing a website and dive right into the minutia of it. Experienced developers will take their time to understand your business, competitors in the space and build a website that sets your website above the rest. At VaroWP, we prioritize research and emphasize to all our customers that we need to understand your business and your clients before we can start building your site.

4. What’s the plan for SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) enables your website to be visible on major search engines, like Google, when key terms and words are searched. Good developers know that SEO has to be built into the website before the site is launched. SEO must be planned in advance to be efficient. If you don’t have a branding strategy already in place, VaroWP can help you build your strategy and integrate appropriate SEO.

5. What’s your developer’s speciality?

If your business exemplifies your specialty, then you know just how many hours it took you to learn the skills and develop them into a profitable endeavor. Developers are no different and even within that spectrum, there are specialties. Certain developers are better at making sites for ecommerce stores, some may be better at heavy content websites. The VaroWP team purposefully hires developers that, respectively, have a variety of different strengths. We know we can’t all be good at everything but, with enough practice, we can be very good at least one thing.

6. How much involvement do you want to have?

Websites have an evolutionary path. At first, they’re just a concept that needs to be molded and shaped into something more. As it develops, assorted pieces come together to form into a young version of itself. After various tweaks, adjustments, tests and a final review, its published for the world to see. As a website owner, you need to ask yourself how much involvement do you want to have? VaroWP works with a broad spectrum of business, all with owners that have priorities beyond their website. Some owners want to be exceptionally hands-on, and some less so. We work with you to find a balance that works for you.

7. Will the website be fully editable?

Your website will likely evolve over time. New products, various promotions and changes of services can require website adjustments. It’s important to make sure you, or another developer, will know how to edit the website later on. Some platforms are easier to alter than others.

8. How long will your web development process take?

If you’re looking for a cookie-cutter design that has zero personalization, then sticking to a prefab website template might be the quickest option. However, if you’re looking for a customized site that screams your brand, you should expect the timeframe to be longer. Good web development takes time. Some developers may quote timeframes of up to a year, which may or may not work for your business. If you have a timeframe in mind, ask your VaroWP account manager about its feasibility.

9. What’s the total cost?

If you’re creating a budget for your website and contemplating if a designer will be too expensive, ask us. The cost of a website is reflective of a few elements including one specific variable that changes project-to-project – work hours. The number of hours we work to build your site will depend on the quantity and complexity of your requests. If you have a budget, let your representative know in advance and we can work with you and your budget to ensure that we set expectations whilst accomplishing your website goals.  

10. Ask for samples and examples!

If you’ve decided you’re definitely going with a developer to build your website, always ask for samples. A good developer should be able to provide you with prior work and customer contacts. Don’t take our word for it either! We’re happy to provide samples of our prior work!

Building your website is an exciting and important part of your business. Let your business shine by hiring the talented and experienced individuals at VaroWP to complete the job.

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