Building your customized site has never been so easy!

Using VaroWP to refresh and enhance your site enables you to focus on growing your business without getting distracted with the nuances of building your website. From inception to conception, our team of experts will build you your vision in an efficient and eloquent way.


Thinking of opening an online store? Let VaroWP do it for you!

You’ll be happy to know that ecommerce is our specialty! The world today has an exceptional demand for ecommerce solutionsWhat better way to capitalize on a global demand than participating with your own online store?

We’ve worked with customers in a diverse range of industries including, but not limited to, the likes of health and wellness, industrial manufacturing and media. If you have a product to offer, we can make it happen – and simply!

We make the selling and shopping experience as easy and straightforward for both you and your customer. We ensure that your store speaks your brand, adding all the little touches that are needed.

We know that your customers are important to your business and enabling your customers to experience a smooth and simple sales process is essential. We also understand that when you’re fulfilling orders, picking, packaging and managing those sales also needs to be a streamlined process. Our ecommerce platforms integrate product display, check-out, payment processing and the shipping process into an efficient and simplified exercise. If you’re having a holiday sale or a promotional giveaway, we can make sure your sale is heard and integrate that into final billing.

Consider us your silent cheerleaders – we’re here to support your business in the best way we know how (and we’ll cheer you on all the way!).

Maintenance and Security

Relax, we’ve got your back!

Long gone are the days of stressing about your website. Our number one priority is ensuring that you know we’re here if you need us.

After your site has been completed, we’re constantly ensuring that it’s running at a five-star level.

We regularly conduct uptime checks whereby we check the status of the website’s host every 2 minutes – that’s 720 checks a day! Our vigilance enables us to address any issues immediately, so your website can continue to run smoothly.

Even if the worst, most unspeakable thing happens to your site (like the white screen of death), we have a back-up to swoop in and save the day. We offer separate types of backups in various environments and house them in a safe and secure offsite storage.

Growing and expanding businesses often require additional server space and capacity. We have enough power to scale up your website whenever you need it.

Unlimited Support


We’re here to immediately scale your development capacity without going through the motions of finding a capable team – saving you time and money in the process.

When working with VaroWP you’ll have access to an account manager who will learn about your business, vision and goals. Our account managers work closely with our developers to ensure that your vision is clearly communicated, so our developers are able to hit the ground running in creating your masterpiece.

We value communication at VaroWP, which is why we are proactive with our communications, delivering progress reports, and continuous updates. With us, you’ll never be left in the dark when it comes to your project!

Custom WordPress Development

Need a little extra pizazz? Do you have a special request? Or maybe an idea you want us to explore with you? A customized website is an excellent option to make sure every need is met. We’re here to take your website to the next level and solve the ‘how to’ so you can ‘go do’ what you need to.

We love taking on new challenges and building your vision. We’ll spend the time to explore potential avenues to solve problems, overcome obstacles, and build you a site that speaks to you, your business, and your customers.

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