What is your business’ signature brand style? Why does it matter? Each brand should be able to identify its core values and goals in order to shape its signature style. A bank most likely wants to be perceived as trusted and established, whilst a children’s toy company would want to be seen as playful, fun and creative. What do you want to be perceived as? 

Clear Communication

Your brand, coupled with your website, is often the first thing your customers see. Clearly defining your messaging can help build trust, help make your business memorable and ensure that everyone involved in your company understands the business’ main message.


Once you have identified your brand, stick with it. Consistency will help to reinforce your brand, prevent conflicting messaging and increase your brand’s trustworthiness. You’ll be able to build long-term relationships with an audience that resonates with your messaging.


This pairs well with consistency. Creating a brand that people recognize takes time however, all recognisable brands share a commonality – they stay on message.

How do you identify your brand style?

If you’re not sure where to begin, take a look at the questions below.

1.     What are your brand’s values?

2.     Who is your target audience?

3.     What are your brand style words?

Brand Values

This outlines the reason as to why you created your business. What problem were you solving in establishing your company? Define your company mission and create the pillars of foundation for your business.

Target Audience

What kinds of people are you selling to? Who are the buyers of your products or services? If you’re able to narrow down the scope of your potential audience to your target audience, it enables you to change your messaging to better attract those specific customers.

Using data of current customers or a competitor’s customers can be very useful tools in identifying your target audience. You’re able to use that information to build buyer personas and identify your client’s wants and needs.

Once you have your target audience in mind, review your brand voice. Does it speak to your audience? Will it captivate their attention? Will it convey your brand the way you’re intending it?

Brand Style Words

Brand style words are keywords that are used to describe your brand personality. They should describe your business and help focus the business’ intentions as well as the direction you want your company to take.

Brand style words include words like classic, modern, innovative, creative, serious, fun, whimsy, tough, etc.

All of your company’s materials including website, logo and any print material should match the tone of your keywords.

Using Your Brand Style to Shape Your Website

At VaroWP we understand the value of your brand and the importance of emulating your brand through your website. We incorporate your style words into messaging that caters specifically to your target audience. We also ensure that the design of your website fits your brand style. For example, if your brand is meant to be fun and cheerful, we work towards exemplifying that message through your website. Get in touch with VaroWP today so we can help your website echo your brand vision!

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