Did you know that most customers judge your website in a matter of just a few seconds? Not much time to make a first impression! At VaroWP, we want to equip you with the tools to make a lasting impression with your customers.

Here are a few things we can help you with:

Speed Counts

Using search engine optimization (SEO) tools and a variety of WordPress plugins, we can help increase the loading speed on your website. If a viewer has to wait longer than 3 seconds for your website to load, you’ll most likely lose them altogether. This particularly applies to those visiting via their mobile device.

Highlighting Key Points

To keep your visitors engaged, highlighting key points on your landing page is incredibly important. Fun fact: most website visitors scan in an F-shape and spend almost 70% of their time on a webpage reading content on the left.

Fix Bugs

This is another place where VaroWP can really help you. We’re well versed in updating web pages according to your customer’s feedback and user experience. Often bugs occur and errors arise, which need to be fixed immediately. Regardless if you’re running your website on your own or using a developer, be sure to keep track of customer feedback and improve your website’s usability.

Be Your Own Customer

Have you ever visited a website and it’s a challenge to scroll through menus or filter through items? If you go through your own website and pretend that you are a customer, what flaws do you find? What things can you improve upon? What do you like about competitor’s sites? What would you like to see on their sites? Utilize that knowledge to improve your site. If you’re working with a team member at VaroWP, keep notes of what you like and dislike to better guide us on things to include or remove.

Avoid Bold or Loud Design Choices

Pop-ups, interstitials, or auto-playing media can be an annoyance to your web visitors. Although pop-ups and certain media can enhance your sales, repetitive or overly bold choices can really deter repeat visitors.

Link Your Blogs to Other Pages

Your content may be engaging but what can make them even more effective is linking your blog to other pages of your website and your other content. By interlinking content, it not only makes your visitors aware of other content but also enhances engagement.

A website can be a powerful tool to jumpstart new engagement, increase traffic and potentially attract new clients. Let your website reach its full potential by working with us! Reach out today!

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