Your website is your introduction to the world. Imagine if your customer refers your company to another person. What do you think that person does? They look you up online. Is your website going to make an impression to also make that person reach out and contact you? If you have any doubt, it may be time to consider refreshing your website.

Your website is just ‘okay’.

Unappealing website designs can scare potential customers away. A website, ideally, should instill confidence and trust. If feelings of uncertainty and doubt arises in your prospective client’s eyes, you’re far less likely to hear from that person. First impressions make a huge impact on your visitors. 

Your website is a blast from the past.

If your website looks like it’s from 1992, you’re probably not going to be enticing visitors. Outdated website designs are not attractive to visitors. Similarly, if your website looks like a thirteen-year-old created it, it probably doesn’t look as polished and professional to appeal to the demographic you’re wanting to sell to. By now, those who surf the web expect websites that are current, sophisticated, and up to date.

Your website doesn’t work on mobile devices.

Think about how much time you spend on your phone. Think about how much time your daughter or son spends on theirs. People are glued to their phones. If your website isn’t able to view your website clearly on their phone, they’re far more likely to skip looking at it all together. When you’re redoing your website, ensure that it’s mobile-friendly. At VaroWP, we provide both website and mobile sites for your convenience.

Your website is downright boring.

You are much less likely to win potential new business if your content is boring or there are a series of dry facts and statements. No one wants to read a boring website. Content takes up a significant portion of your website and is one of the most crucial components. The purpose of content is to bring your site’s visitors information effortlessly, quickly. Content needs to be engaging and relevant in addition to what they’re looking for.

Your website lacks important details.

Contact information should always be prominently displayed on your website. This includes email addresses, phone numbers, location and other pertinent details. Customers will be frustrated if they are unable to easily locate contact information.

Your website is promo central.

Websites often have the sole purpose of selling products or services. It is important to find the balance between selling your client and overselling to them. What’s overselling? Imagine yourself at the grocery store and you buy a box of cereal. That box comes with a coupon for a second half-priced box when you buy one box. You may be inclined to purchase the second box however, if you keep receiving coupons for more cereal during that single shopping experience, will you end up buying 50 boxes? Probably not – there’s a limit to how many times you can be sold on a product. Your website is similar – it’s an online shopping experience. Over promotion can drive customers away just as quickly as a promotion can attract them.

Your website lacks engagement.

Potential customers visit your website to engage with your brand and learn more about your company. Communication, as in any relationship, is a two-way street. Encouraging and creating dialogue between your brand and your target audience is an excellent way of creating brand loyalty and increasing the chances of a long-term customer. Social media can be a powerful tool to accomplish that. Including share buttons, social media logins, and other plugins are great first steps.

Your website has an abundance of information and clutter.

Being bombarded with information isn’t usually a very good way of sending a message. Too much clutter on a page about services and products can be overwhelming. Instead of your potential customer reading and focusing on your product, they’ll most likely glaze right over and move onto the next site. Clients visit your website to answer questions. Providing answers to those questions in a clear and concise way is the easiest way of relaying information.

Rethinking your website design? No problem! We can work with you to pick out things you like most about your website and use that as the foundation to your new site.

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