Feedback is an essential part of building any website and we take your feedback to heart at VaroWP. We want to make sure that your site is up to your expectations and adds value to your business.

You can help us in providing feedback that is constructive and clearly communicates your vision. Regardless if your perfect website is minimalistic or highly detailed, feedback possibilities are endless.

Our team is here to integrate your feedback into your website to ensure your design fits your vision and web goals. Here are a few feedback tips that you may want to consider as you review your site.

Web design feedback should add value. Once your site is ready for review, it can be a pretty exciting experience. You’ve had a mental picture of what your site would look like and we’re certain that our developers have established a website that embodies your vision.

A common revision request is to make your company’s logo larger on a landing page. Before inserting that into comments, look at the rest of the page. Would a larger logo detract from the main message of that page? If it was larger, does it add additional value to your viewers?

Another common request is to specifically use your company’s branding colors. If your brand has several colors involved, more than three, developers will usually only pick three or less. If a page has too many colors or too many different elements to it, the webpage can confuse viewers. Remember, each page has a purpose and keeping to that goal will enable clear communication to your page visitors.

Keep your target audience in mind. As the web design process unfolds, and after your website has been completed, keep in mind who will ultimately be viewing your website.

Consider a children’s website selling toys for ages 6 to 12. If a child looks at a website, they are most drawn in by bright colors, fun graphics and easy to read words and simple content. However, they are not the ones putting in a credit card – mommy or daddy is. Ensuring that your website has all the elements that parents look for, like security, proper check-out features, and information regarding the product itself, etc., are important elements to clearly display.

Ultimately, you’re building your website for your viewers to understand and engage in your business. If your developer has built your website and you believe that they haven’t quite tuned your website into an engaging tool for your ultimate audience, then speak up – your developer is there to help promote your business.

Avoid empty words and phrases. When working with your developer, it’s important to articulate your comments. Using catchy terms such as “jazz it up” or “it’s all wrong” can be construed differently. Jazzing something up may mean brighter colors to you but to your developer it could mean bigger and bolder fonts or lettering.

Be specific with your feedback. If you don’t love your heading because you find it too bland, specify to your developer which heading, why it’s not working for you, and if you have a suggestion on how you want it to look, include that.

Honesty is truly the best policy. Don’t worry, developers, including all of our team at VaroWP, are familiar with receiving constructive criticism. Being able to digest and positively utilize feedback is a large part of any developer’s job. We don’t read minds (yet!) so, hearing your true thoughts and feelings about your site will enable us to fix and tweak your site faster and more coherently.

Feedback is a conversation. Some website owners may believe that once you receive your website for review, you simply put together a list of changes and send it back to your developer. At VaroWP we specifically do not encourage this behavior. We strongly encourage dialogue between you and our developers. We want you to ask us the ‘whys’ and ‘how comes’.

For example, if we’ve put an image on the left side of the page but you’d prefer it on the right, there may be a reason we’ve chosen to place it on the left – perhaps the image balances out other images on that page or we’re following a specific format. Your developer is there to help you so ask questions!

Your feedback is very important in shaping your website and improving its impact on your audience. VaroWP ensures that you have a significant opportunity to review, discuss and enhance your website before it goes live. We’re here to help you build your success and understand the value potential of your website.

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