The difference between a great software developer and a mediocre developer is sometimes challenging to identify, especially if you’re not familiar with working with developers. Excellent technical skills are important but that doesn’t make them a perfect fit.

Here’s a quick reference guide to highlight out the best developer for you.

1.     Do they have experience in your industry?

This is a great starting point. Lack of experience in your industry may significantly limit the amount of background knowledge the developer may have. When a web designer has industry experience it will be a good indicator that they are comfortable with your business, industry terms and most likely already have an idea about your target client.

2.     Suitable Pricing

You pay for what you get – to a degree. Pricing to hire a web designer varies widely depending on a variety of factors including their location. When you’re searching for your dream developer and you find one that’s over your budget, make sure they’re worth the cost.

3.     Strategy, Method & Knowledge

If you were referred to a web developer or if you found them on your own, you will still want to ask about their strategy, methods and related knowledge in building and designing a website. Developers who know their business will be able to easily share with you their process, operations and methodology.

4.     Prior Work

Developers, if they’re experienced, should have a portfolio of work to show you. Start-up web developers most likely won’t have work to show you. Although a new developer could be significantly less expensive, it could be a gamble in terms of end product quality.

5.     Other Services

If you’re looking to rebuild, refresh or start a new website from scratch, it’s a good idea to ask your developer for the full list of services they provide. For example, VaroWP offers ecommerce sites that are fully equipped with personalized branding, secure check-out and a simple invoice to shipping process. Not all developers have the same set of skills or repertoire of services so it’s good to ask.

6.     Contract Rationale & Reasonability

When you start working with a web designer, first take a look at their contract. Read it carefully. The contract should outline payment structure, project deliverables, contingencies for unforeseen issues, terminology regarding refunds and more. Asking a lawyer to review the contract is always a good idea.

7.     Maintenance

As a VaroWP customer maintenance is always included in your service package however, not all developers are the same! Ask your developer for their website maintenance package. Pay special attention to what it includes, how long that package is valid for and if you’ll eventually need to take over maintenance.

8.     Trust Your Gut

Ultimately, you know your business better than anyone. You need to work with a candidate or company that you have confidence in. Being able to trust your developer and have faith in their capabilities, are two essential elements in creating a successful website.

With a team of experts and seasoned web developers at VaroWP, we have worked with business owners in a variety of industries. If you’re interested in learning more about what we can provide you, what our services are and what our pricing is, ask us! We would love to hear from you!

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