Ensuring Your Website Makes A Lasting Impression on Your Customers

Did you know that most customers judge your website in a matter of just a few seconds? Not much time to make a first impression! At VaroWP, we want to equip you with the tools to make a lasting impression with your customers. Here are a few things we can

Professional Websites Help Grow Your Business

A website is your business’ 24/7 touchpoint for current and potential customers. It enables the opportunity for additional revenue and subsequent profit. As your website is often one of the first things your customers look at when researching your product or service, it’s important that the website properly showcases your

WordPress Plugins That Are Great for Salons & Spas

With the sheer number of plugins available for WordPress it’s hard to know which one is best for your site. From booking to displaying your business’ services, there are a plethora of choices. We’ve taken the time to sort through some of the highest rated options to give you a

WordPress Plugins That Are Great for Online Stores

Having your own online store is the gateway to continuous business regardless of time and location of your customers. Choosing the right eCommerce plugin is a crucial decision to the success of your business because a better platform means more opportunity for growth. So far 2020 has brought us a

Why choose to use WordPress for your website?

When choosing a hosting platform for your website, it’s important to review your options and weigh the pros and cons. At VaroWP we’ve taken the time to do that for our customers already. We use WordPress for a variety of reasons and highly recommend it to those who are still

Find Your Signature Brand Style

What is your business’ signature brand style? Why does it matter? Each brand should be able to identify its core values and goals in order to shape its signature style. A bank most likely wants to be perceived as trusted and established, whilst a children’s toy company would want to

Brand Strategy & Website Design

Think about a brand that you love – big or small. If you visit their website, does the website look and feel like that brand? Does it share with you the same elements and story that you’ve noticed before? A brand is so much more than colors and cute taglines,

10 Questions to Ask Yourself & Us

Did you know that your website has about 59 seconds to make an impression on your viewers? 59 seconds is the average time that a person initially spends on a website according to studies. This means that your website has to make an impactful statement within a very short period

Signs of a Quality WordPress Developer

The difference between a great software developer and a mediocre developer is sometimes challenging to identify, especially if you’re not familiar with working with developers. Excellent technical skills are important but that doesn’t make them a perfect fit. Here’s a quick reference guide to highlight out the best developer for

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