VaroWP grew from a need that customers voiced to VaroVP owners, Andrew and Dave. With several years of professional working experience with WordPress, and after starting their own agency in 2015, Reenvision, it became abundantly evident that small to medium business owners, freelancers, and budding entrepreneurs didn’t have a solution on the market to target their individualized needs. Most hosting can be slow, prone to time-out, and solutions offered by most development companies don’t actually speak to customer needs. Andrew and Dave molded VaroVP to fill that void.


Utilizing fundamental foundational aspects learnt through their prior business ventures and experience, Andrew and Dave sculpted the VaroWP to truly understand a client’s business goals, vision, and help clients succeed as they grow and develop. VaroWP proudly offers all of its customers a variety of plans and add-ons that speak to individual needs and support business growth.


Speed and dedicated functionality are two of VaroWP’s strengths. VaroWP owns and operates off its own devoted server, which enables the VaroWP team to have full control over the websites it hosts. It also enables the team full power over the technology offered to customers. Not only is it more efficient, as a customer, there’s no need to set up a database or an email account and customers always have the option of directly speaking with a VaroWP team member.


Why WordPress? It’s the best tool on the market. There are a lot of options out there such as HTML, PHP, Wix, Joomla, etc. and between Andrew and Dave, they’ve tried almost all of them. Once Andrew and Dave were introduced to WordPress, and the initial learning curve conquered, it was evident that WordPress’ functionality, process, power and usability would be the ideal method to create stunning sites.


Catering to the customization of websites, Andrew and Dave have worked with a variety of themes and plugins to fully meet customer’s expectations in addition to providing daily maintenance support. By equipping the VaroWP team with the same wisdom and the same customer-first philosophy, the VaroWP team is a wealth of technical know-how ready to overcome any challenge and help clients succeed in the short and long-term.