Asking the right questions can help set the tone to your website’s build or review. It will enable us to have communication lines open and transparent to ensure that your website turns out the way you envision it.

You want your website to be the best it can be. Most times, your website is the first point of contact visitors have with your business and your brand. First impressions can make a relationship or end it. Ensuring that your website encourages your potential customer to keep browsing and eventually connect with you or your business, is our goal.

If you’re working with someone who has a strong understanding of your vision and is willing to embody the user experience you want to provide your customers, your website will enhance your potential profit.

Ask: Have you worked on a project with objectives like this before?

The key here is to ensure that your developer sees your vision and has the ability to create the website you want. For example, if you need an e-commerce site but your developer has never built an e-commerce site, you may want to choose a different developer. VaroWP is fortunate enough to have a team well versed in a variety of projects with a broad span of objectives, and especially e-commer

Ask: What is your research process like?

If you’re able to understand how your developer works, it may add some perspective as to how they operate their projects and project how well your brand may be represented on your website. Every developer has their own style and finding a style that compliments your brand will only enhance the success of the final product. Your developer should ask you questions about your brand, your target audience and how your business distinguishes itself from competitors.

Ask: How long does the development take from start to finish?

Any experienced developer will be able to provide you with a timeframe for development. Although developers have different times to complete their assigned tasks, their total timeline should align with your schedule. If your developer is not able to provide you with a rough time frame then that might mean he or she is not particularly experienced.

Ask: What packages and services are available?

Many developers have a variety of packages and services are available through developers. Options such as implementing SEO, design elements and social media services may be included in robust packages or basic ones. Ensure that you know which packages you want included in your development and review it with your developer in advance. At VaroWP we have several options that can be customized to fit your individual needs.

Ask: What does your SEO strategy look like?

Understanding how your developer will use search engine optimization (SEO) is important. Proper SEO implementation can increase the likelihood of your site falling into the top rankings of Google searches. If your developer does not plan on using keywords, or do the research to back up keywords, your business is missing the opportunity to generate new leads and further customer engagement. A site that is without SEO is a site that is not built for success.  

Ask: If I want to, can I make my own edits?

Websites inevitably change over time. For example, your business may change branding strategies, develop new products or increase its global presence. You will need to have your website reflect those changes and you may not want to go through your developer to do so. Are you able to update your pages and make the necessary changes? You should ask your developer what tools or software are needed to make those changes and what that additional cost may be.

Ask: Do you have a content marketing package?

Content is the meat of your website and can help boost business. Content should work for you by increasing the entertainment of your customers. Ask your developer if they provide content marketing as part of their package or if they have a trusted partner they operate with. Content can also help boost SEO and website visibility. Ensuring your content reflects that strategy will help boost visitor engagement.

Ask: Can you refer a prior or current client?

Asking for an unbiased opinion is always a good idea. Ask your developer for a recent or current client as a reference.

Ask: How much will this cost?

Developer rates can vary vastly. Do your research beforehand to figure out what budget you want to set for your project. Like many things, you do get what you pay for. It may be wise to spend a little more and end up with a website that you’re proud of rather than having to redo it.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right developer can really help elevate your website but it does take some time and research. Make sure you know the basics of your audience, brand, timeframe and budget before approaching any developer. Compare and contrast your options before making a decision. A little homework before can really help you find the perfect developer for your project.  

Now that you have the information required, schedule a consultation with VaroWP today and get your website going!

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