A little more than one out of every four websites run on WordPress and at least 42% of online stores run on WooCommerce. Simply put, WordPress – and its most-used e-commerce software – is popular.

Unfortunately, hackers like popular things.

That is why, in addition to hardening WordPress and creating a firewall, 24/7 security scanning and malware removal is vital for any WordPress website.

VaroWP keeps vigil so you don’t have to.

Most WordPress security is… bare-bones, to say the least. At VaroWP, we think you deserve more. That is why we include around-the-clock security monitoring, active malware prevention and fast, free WordPress hack cleanups in all of our support plans.

We work hard to close the security gaps other services leave open – and monitor for over 100 signals to root out even the most difficult-to-detect malware. As soon as we suspect a security incident has occurred, we instantly intervene and aggressively remove any and all malware from your site.

All of our security processes run on our servers – not yours – which means you’ll never have to sacrifice speed for security again.

So, say goodbye to your current WordPress security service… you won’t be needing it.

Malware cleanup and removal included

If our scanners detect anything malicious, we’ll clean it up immediately and it’s covered by your subscription. Once the site is clean we’ll take steps to make sure the site stays clean. As a VaroWP subscriber, you can be sure your site is safe and malware-free.

Protection against malicious login attempts

Beyond scanning for malware and vulnerabilities, we also have proactive security in place that helps to block malicious login attempts and more. Here’s a list of proactive features our security features offer:

  • Website firewall
  • Security hardening
  • Brute force attacks protection
  • Integrity checking
  • Website malware protection
  • Security features like Site Hardening