Our 30-Minute Fixes are the Cornerstone of Your Essential Support and Performance Plan Subscriptions

In life, and in websites, things rarely fix themselves. That is why Cinch provides free 30-minute fixes for when you need a little WordPress help. Most other support plans only cover the bare minimum of general maintenance and don’t offer to fix things when they break.

At Cinch, we routinely fix sites that have stumped the competition – and we do it faster than anyone else. Thanks to our years of working on hundreds of WordPress sites, chances are we’re already familiar with your site’s theme, widgets and plugins.

Included for free in all of our WordPress support plans, our 30-minute fixes are often all of the WordPress help you will ever need.

So what is a 30-minute fix?

Generally speaking, if you have a question about your website or a little nagging problem, get a hold of us and we’ll take a look. Chances are it’s covered by our 30-minute fix policy. Our goal is to be there to fix the things that go wrong and support you in maintaining an effective website.

That said, not every issue you may encounter can be covered by a 30-minute fix. Bigger design or development projects can take many hours of work, so here’s a quick list to use as a guideline:

Things that are covered

  • Reasonable content updates
  • Plugin installation
  • Broken functionality
  • Broken layouts

Things that are not

  • Major design changes
  • Major development changes
  • New page creation

If you have an issue that fits in the ‘not covered’ list, you can still contact us about it and we’ll give you an idea of what it will take to complete the project. We’ll keep this list updated as new situations arise.

How do I contact you when I have problems?

We’ve made it a breeze to get ahold of us. The easiest is to send us a request at support@cinchws.com, but you can also get ahold of us in other ways: