Keeping up with WordPress updates can be tedious and time-consuming… and we bet you have much better things to do with your time. Like, run your business.

At VaroWP, we take care of your website updates every day so you don’t have to.

WordPress updates aren’t that important, right?

To get a little technical, WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) written in the programing language PHP where each website is made up of hundreds of files, including core files, theme files and usually a lot of plugins. And all of these files – and their software – regularly require manual updates.

These software updates are important for a few reasons. Hackers often target out-of-date software, using loopholes and vulnerabilities to attack your site with malware. Also, old software can tremendously slow down your site, as older versions may conflict with browsers or simply won’t allow full functionality.

Simply put, keeping your WordPress software up-to-date fixes bugs and improves security, expands compatibility and performance, adds new features and makes sure your site is running at top speed.

The one downside to software updates.

While it’s vital to always be running on the most recent WordPress core, theme and plugin software, sometimes an update can inadvertently break your site. This – the only downside of software updates – tends to happen if the developers weren’t following the best practices and coding standards.

Don’t worry… that’s why we always maintain regular backups of your site and all of your files. If an update breaks your site, we will immediately roll it back to the most recent working version as we figure out what went wrong.

Going Premium
Like most things in life, when it comes to WordPress themes and plugins, you get what you pay for. Free themes and plugins can cause issues in the long-run, thanks to poor coding, developer shortcuts and lack of support or regular updates.

Premium themes and plugins, however, tend to be better coded and supported – and consistently run the way they’re intended to. These premium functions do come with annual licensing fees, but if you prefer, we can handle that for you.